Blues man Nathan Clay

blues man Nathan Clay

Nathan Clay is a Singer Songwriter Guitar vertuoso.
Nathan spent many years of performing before millions of people all over the United States.
Thank you for stopping by to listen to my music.
I have many years of recordings that are not here.
The purpose for this site is to allow interested persons to listen to some of the music I have done.
The JUKE BOX below has six Original songs from a blues project I have been working on called " Deeper Blue".
There are also Classic Rock demo songs about one minute in length, to give an idea of what I have done with copy tunes.
I have here a cross section of music. I perform most genre. I also have 3 new CDs that are not here.
But will be available in the coming year. There will be a large amount of work at the same time.
Please keep checking back and thank you for coming today.
Nathan Clay

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